We can no longer repair the world. You must.

- The Kogi

Where they live

The Kogi have lived for centuries high in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in South America. They have been able to preserve their culture by protecting themselves with isolation. NOW, they believe we, the younger brothers must learn from their wisdom and knowledge.

World Healing is a 501 ( c ) 3 organization

World Healing operates directly in collaboration with the Mamos, the spiritual leaders of this ancient civilization. 100% of all donations go directly to the Kogi in Colombia. Their work directly effects the eco-system and us!

Kogi way of life

The Kogi believe that they are the Guardians of the Earth. They make "payments" of prayers and intentions and communicate directly with Nature. All knowledge is held in Nature and they connect through the world of Aluna.

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News & Events

Rinzai’s Market

Rinzai’s Market supported World-Healing on their journey to the Sierra Nevada’s. March 11-16, 2013. All participants appreciated the health products and care package sent by our favorite Health Food Market in Sedona, Arizona. Visit Renzai’s Market.com


World Healing Inc. visited the Kogi March 11-16, 2013 New pictures will be posted upon approval from the Kogi. Please check back soon! For additional information email: info@world-healing.com

World healing joins many in Sedona

World healing joins many from around the globe in Sedona at the medicine wheel under the red rocks for healing. Solstice connections and prayers to Mother Gaia and all the galaxy on this momentous day of heart healings for all sentient beings. We are supported and loved on our path to REMEMBERING!

Chocolatree + World Healing

Thank you Chocolatree for assisting in the sponsorship of the website!They are a friend to world healing and if you’re ever in Sedona please check them out!

Mochillos Coming Soon!

Mochillo bags are coming soon! Watch the website for availability! Also like us on facebook and follow @wrldhealing on twitter

Join World Healing on a journey March 11-16, 2013

March 11-16, 2013 became a once in a lifetime experience for twelve people who accompanied World-Healing Inc on a journey to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. An incredible trip to visit and share the teaching of the Kogi in the Heart of the World, the home of the ancient Kogi tribe. This group was […]

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